NASHVILLE AIR BNB – Where we stayed, ate, and shot! ALL IN ONE!

I promised id share all the info with you guys once we left Nashville because creepers can be creepy and I didn’t want anyone knowing where we were staying (Kim K status ya know LOL JK). I also had a couple ask us how Air bnbs worked and how you know if they are legit or straight out of a horror film! — I wanted to share a couple places we shot using an app we had for some cool content photos! AND the fun places we ate! Okay done now. Lets get on to the photos — because if you really read this ill give you a 10% discount code. Go comment the pink heart emoji on our last photo! Lets see who really reads this. hehehe.

Where we stayed:

The place was honestly super nice! We stayed in “The Nations” area! Very cute and homey feeling! We never were uncomfortable in the area nor had issues with the place!

The only downfall of this is that it was on the 3rd floor and I know that sounds like a “okay and?” moment but there is no elevators. Or if there was we never found them and its a HIGH 3 stories! So don’t forget anything in the car! hahaha.

This Is The One < Book It Here! 

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 5.32.18 PMScreen Shot 2019-06-28 at 5.32.26 PMScreen Shot 2019-06-28 at 5.32.38 PM

Shooting Places:

So I actually found this app from one of our influencers we’ve worked with! >>@livviedix

The “Depalo” app has locations of all the “walls” and blogger spots and lets you know how close you are to each! Its used in all the major cites! It was so easy to use!



Where we Ate:

For brunch we headed over to “The Frothy Monkey – The nations” coffee shop! Not only was it super fast but so delicious! I had the “California” cause I wanted to a be a LA girl and get eggs and avocado toast.. duh.. and Blake got something with eggs. Idk I didn’t take a photo of his! Mine looked more “instagramable” than his! hahaha

We also ate at STK – which is a high end steak house! By far the best steak I’ve ever had with truffle butter! It is more on the expensive side but if you have the time definitely grab at least the 6oz filet! (and the Brussels!)

IMG_5825 copyIMG_5827 copyIMG_5829 copyAs you saw in one of our posts we mentioned that The Tiny Closet is soon to be moving to Nashville! SO! You’ll be getting better content, more collaborations super soon! Live I Nashville? Wanna talk? Email us! Lets get something going!


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