Spring/Summer 2019 Trends You’re Missing Out on.

Let’s face it. There are so many trends and fads that come and go within the year. And if you aren’t following all the fashion bloggers on insta or if your aren’t a fashion forecaster, then you’re missing more than you think! I mean, Coachella weekend one just happened and there were so many HOT and NOTS allll over the place. Trust me. We were there! Let’s talk the Summer trends and fads.




This trend honestly started after Cardi B and offset dropped motorsport. PERIOD. Tommy Hilfiger (left) and Puma (right) Put their twist on it too. This edgy yet casual look isn’t going anywhere this summer.


Billie Sweatshirt Cropped | Billie Sweatpants


The Billie set is a comfortable look that can be worn on the street with heels or sneakers or can be worn in the sky. (Yea its so comfortable we’d travel in it.) The zippers on the side give it that extra edge and the cropped hoodie can we worn with or without a bralette.  Size up for it to come lower. (I’m in a small in both! – Honestly size up for a bagger comfy feel).


2. Hair Tie, Neck Scarf, Purse accessory 


These hair ties have been sweeping the internet! Not much to them except how cute they look when your hair really needs some dry shampoo!! These will save your day on those days when your shampoo isn’t cutting it! They are super easy to tie! 


New Classic Hair Tie


These hair ties can be worn in your hair (duh), on your neck, clothes or bags! They are super easy to tie and can even just be looped in your belt look. 

3. The Midi Dress and Skirts


Modest is hottest this season! The midi dress and skirts are all over the streets and we are loving how they are being styled! Instead of heels, throw on your favorite sneakers or your dads old band tee and head out! 


Cheetahs are Winners Set

On The Spot Dress


The Natural spots and cheetah is also a big trend that is killing it this summer! Our On the spot dress (right) is a light weight comfortable and easy to style dress! Try it with Dr Martins or sneakers! You’ll be surprised on how cute and complete you’ll look! Our Cheetah’s are Winners set (Left) is the perfect set that can be taken apart or split. We paired it with Docs and a conductor hat and we were ready for a day on the town. Use the top with denim jeans and a blazer or the skirt with a band tee! 


4. Waist Bags AKA Fanny Packs 


Yep the 90’s fanny packs are here and designers are taking note! The iconic Gucci waist bag (as seen In the photos above) has brought the fanny pack from tacky tourist to trendy trend setter. 


By The Waistline Bag


This vegan leather waistbag is by far our favorite and similar to high designer bags without the high designer price! The belt can be adjusted to your comfortable size! 

5. Biker Shorts 


Biker shorts are a trendy that is slowly creeping in. Is its a fad or a trend? I’m 5’6 and was terrified when we bought these that I would look too short for them because I’d only seen them on taller girls. Once I put them with a tee I was SOLD! These are a piece that you need to try on for yourself! These are comfortable and easy to pair with everything!


Stripped Down Shorts


These shorts may look intimidating but let me just tell you, they are so comfortable, easy to wear and perfect for short girls too! I actually wore these on a plane ride to Coachella for a 4 hour flight and was so comfortable! They can be dressed up or down! Wear with heels like Kim K or sneakers for a more relaxed look! 

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