MAKEUP FOR PHOTOS! (Products Linked) | TCB




Every time I do my makeup for The Tiny Closet product photo shoots i always get questions! This makeup is great for engagement photos, instagram photos and of course product photos for stores! I wanted to create a look that wasnt too intense and was a good mix between natural and glam! In product photos you never want the focus on your eyes! Why? Thats what draws you in first to someone is their eyes. You want them to focus on the clothes/product! So i kept it simple!


MAKEUP IN ORDER: Canceler for eyes & under eyes and contour- Under eyes vanilla | warm sand for contour: Palette: JAMES CHARLES: Foundation: MY COLOR IS NATURAL BEIGE: Powder: The Perfect face: — CREAMPUFF :… ANOTHER POWDER I LIVE FOR : Brows: I use the palette or this one : Bronzer: ELF : TPF Bronzer : :… Setting Spray: Lipstick:… Lip liner 110: Lashes: Beauty blender:

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