What I packed In my market bag for WWD MAGIC |The Tiny Closet Boutique

Market may sound like a walk in the park! Which for the past year I thought it was. I was shopping just for things I liked and didn’t really check the price. Now that I’m 2 years in I realized that market isn’t just shopping and having a fun time looking at clothes! Its not about what I want but what will make our babes feel like BADASSES! This is what I’m packing in my market bag!

Business Cards


You’d be shocked to know that I didn’t do this the first time I went to market. I don’t even think I had a logo nor a website! I just had a business license. That was it. Now When I go I take 3 different business cards.

  1. A card with my Business Name, Website, Phone number, vendor email and Shipping address
  2. A card with My Logo, name, my personal email, phone number and social media
  3. A Card with the logo, Website, info email and social media (these are cards I leave everywhere!

    *Get 1,000 business cards for under $50 –> HERE*

Battery Pack Backups

IMG_2235 copy.jpg

You’d be shocked at how fast your phone dies at market. I swear it always knows I’m there and it will just drain itself! I have 2 power packs going with me to double triple check that its ready to go!

I’m constantly on phone at market! Taking phones, answering questions to customers or even documenting our trip!(Which I’m doing now! So make sure you’re following us! —@shopthetinycloset ! A ton of people are curios what its like shopping!

*Love this brand and how cute the sayings are! Because honestly relatable –> HERE*

Fun Badass Notebook

img_8554 copy

You may think that this is unnecessary. That I won’t have time to write down everything. Yea you’re right but always I write down ideas that pop into my head. I like to write what I see, what I’ve noticed and contacts I’ve maid. I like to have everything down paper because I don’t like trusting everything in my phone that could explode and then everything is lost.

When we take breaks i’ll write down what we bought, the shows we have coming up and what customers asked for. Yea I like to make sure my babes have what they need!

*This notebook was the one I originally picked up & then decided on this one! –>HERE*



IMG_0415 copy.jpg

This is a no brainer. I take my planner so I can write what brands ship when! This is just an easier way for me to see it laid out of when my goodies get here! I don’t trust my email half that time when I need to go pack and find an invoice!  like to keep it all in one place! These are great for that!

*This planner is BOMB –> HERE & I loved this one! It can be customized too! –> HERE*


Filing booklet (I guess thats what its called?) 

screen shot 2019-01-29 at 8.26.13 pm

After looking for the link to mine I found out they are called filing jackets? Okay. Anyways, I use this for my invoices. Most vendors will email you and give you a printed invoice of what you got! This just keeps all my invoice in order and not lost. I have a smaller one to travel and a bigger one at the office!

*Mine is sold out but here is another one that will work! –>HERE*





I drink so much coffee during market I should have an IV running straight to my blood with bags full of vanilla soy latte with double shots of espresso. I have also been super tired lately around 3pm. Another boutique owner suggested I starting taking B12 and B6 vitamins. YALL when I tell you I cant go without these, I cant. They don’t give you. a rush of energy like a 5 hour energy does but it does wake your body up!

When I do need a little more energy mid-day I take the Oilly Ginger energy Gummies! I take 3 (you’re suppose to don’t worry lol) and I feel great! Again not a jittery feels but it wakes you up!

Sleeping is a hard to do as well in Vegas! So I take Olly sleep gummies and they are the only gummies that don’t make me feel “hungover” the next day! They are my life saver!

B12 vitamines –> HERE * Gummies Version is –> HERE

B6 Vitamines –> HERE * The Best energy Gummies you’ll ever need –> HERE

Olly Sleep Gummies –> HERE (Thank me later)

Blue Light Lens Glasses

By far the best invention there has ever been! Blue light glasses have saved my freakin head and eyes! Im constantly on my phone (like I said above, I have to have 2 back up packets!) and I already have terrible eyes! Ill have these with me while I shop because I want to protect my eyes as much as possible!




So yea! Thats it! I obviously  didn’t mention that I take pens, my phone and lipstick lol But I will link the stickers and my favorite pens below! Just some fun things that make working a little more fun!


Stickers: BOSS BABE STICKER – SNACK & NAPS  – EXPLORE LIPS – WELL, SHIT <– Just ordered this one lol – GIRL BOSS 



Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 12.49.34 PM

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