Sparkle flare pants Perfect to watch the Ball Drop into 2017 

I can’t believe 2017 is already here! Like I can’t even remember what all I did in 2016! Feels like I was just in Gatlinburg watching the ball drop! 

I’m over the sparkle dresses and skirts this year! I’m rolling into 2017 with glitter sparkle flare pants from Show me your MuMu! If you haven’t heard of this brand it’s perfect for instagram models and wanna be hippies (like me)! LOL 

And let me take a second to mention this little jacket! It’s light and gives this outfit the perfect about of bougieness to your look. 

grab this whole outfit at the links below 🍾

Happy almost 2017! Hope your new year is better than your old year 😆🤗

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