Monogram My Life Over

Doesn’t this outfit scream ” my favorite color is black but I don’t want to look to goth so I throw in a brown purse and jeans?” Yes I actaully think it does! 

Thank you so much to Julia 👉🏼 @shopjuliamarie on Insta for my adorable monogrammed necklaces! I love them & now everyone knows my name! 

And of course I had to talk about my new baby! My Louie! I saved a ton to finally get one 💕  and its the best investment I’ve ever made! The monogrammed LV neverfull has been around for years and is the classiest choice in my opinion.

👇🏼 outfit details here 👇🏼

LV neverfull & discount bag here | monogrammed necklace get at @ShopJuliamarie | sweater shirt from this place or This one  (top is running low!)–use ‘tiny blonde’ for discount| holy jeans | lofers

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