Comfy hoodie dress + choker 

Choker | tshirt dress | blue jean vest (on sale too) | brown gladiator sandles

God gives you a family to make you a person you never thought you’d become. My family is more than my mom and dad and brother. They are IJM staff members, the IJM contestants, royalty moms, queens, and everyone at home who have called and messaged me. I’ve never felt so much love in my entire life during such a hard time in my life.

Yesterday my sweet nanny, Mart Cauley, headed to see her momma and our incredible creater. It breaks my heart to not be able to call her or see her. But I know it’s better for her there than here.

She loves my smile and laughter so I will continue to smile for her.

Again thank you to everyone for your paciantents with posts and if interested I’ll post more info to come on Facebook.

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