Looking for my Valentine Day kiss

  ❤️❤️I’ve had a ton of people recently ask me about my lipsticks! I personally LOVE dark purple lipsticks but of course guys don’t understand and my boyfriend thinks I look like a vampire when I put it on 😂 but I still wear it anyways! So here are a couple of my FAVORITE lip combos for your February 14th: ❤️❤️



The Nudes: only time it’s acceptable to show nudes online 😳😂

Liner: Spice by MAC

❤️I have a tiny upper lip so I love to over draw it just to give me a fuller look. (No I don’t have lip injections). Also don’t just line them but fill in your entire lip with it like its a lipstick. You can stop there or keep going!


❤️this is a matte nude, which means there is not shine or glitter in it. Go over your lips as much as you’d like. 


❤️This is optional. But I use it to make my lips look a little liter than they are currently. You can use this product with the combo or alone! 

Lippie Stick: Lumière

❤️Seriously, I am head over hills with this stuff. I wear it like its going out of style! This pink nude is from ColourPop cosmetics and its only, brace your self……$5! yep you read that right. I can’t rave about this color enough! You can either wear this alone or get the matching lip pencil and overdraw your lips to make them look even fuller.

❤️My dad told me one time “Wow your lips look bigger……I dont like it” BUT WHAT DO MEN KNOW ANYWAYS!!! 



Valentine Day Reds:

Liquid Lipstick: REDRUM

❤️This is a Jeffree Star liquid lipstick! I actually have HOHOHO from his limited edition holiday collection but this is the closest he had to it! It’s VERY pigmented like a lipstick but I feel it’s easier to control. I don’t have to use a liner with this one because it dries so fast that i take a small lip brush and go over the edges of my lips!

Liquid Lipstick: CANDY APPLE

❤️I recently fell in LOVE with Anastasia of Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks. Like so creamy and glides on. They are about the same quality as the Jeffree Star lipsticks. SO of course i needed one in each brand.  



Hello from the Dark Sideeeeee:


❤️People probably think I am a huge Makeup brand SNOB. Like i only like the high end cosmetics and yes I love them but when I find a good quality lipsticks for HALF THE PRICE, I’ll jump on that like white on rice!!!

❤️These revlon lipstick are awesome. They are high quality for a drug store price. This black cherry color I use in the Fall and Winter months. It makes me feel sexy! Even though my boyfriend will not give me a small kiss because he knows he’d be wearing it as well. LOL

❤️I usually layer this color with VA VA VIOLET to make it a cranberry color!


❤️Okay, so I know this color looks blue (I’m not sure why?) these pictures don’t do the color justice. The first time I got it I freaked thinking NO WAY I’m putting that on. But once I got the courage to actually do it, I loved it. It was a great color alone but I decided to but the black cherry (see image above) on top and BAM I found my perfect color.



❤️I really hope these helped you decide what you want to wear for valentines day! Anyone of these looks will make you look sexy and fun this February 14th! I hope you fall in love on this cheesy candy filled holiday ❤️

❤️If not I can always be your Valentine ❤️


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