Jack my Jacket!!

Jack My {Jean} Jacket!!

Love my jacket? Want one but don’t want to pay the money for it? Here’s my secret; it’s from target 😉 shhhh don’t tell anyone! Keep Scrolling for more info and examples of my jacket!

Brand: Mossimo Supply Co.

I paired this jacket with a black tank top (because in Alabama the weather is cold one second and then blazing hot the next), dark denim skinny jeans, and black calf high combat boots! (Not pictured) 


The jacket is no longer online for some reason but is still available in store! And i;m pretty sure is also on sale 😉 So you’re welcome there too! I usually wear an XS to a Small and this jacket is a small and it a little big on me. It isn’t cropped but does stop at my waist.

It keeps you warm but does burn you up! It is made of knit on the sleeves and of course the rest is jean material. I love the fact that it has a hood too.

Makeup and hair by me ❤

Extensions: Mary Jane Hair; msmjclements@gmail.com


 xo -The Tiny Blonde

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