Hail No it’s Game Day 

“Come on tiger fans, let’s hear it for Two Bits!!”

Although my Auburn tigers did not pull out a “W” this past weekend against MS. State I had many people tell me that I had a “W” with this adorable outfit! 

So the current score is:

Auburn:0 Taylor’s outfit:1 

Top: Know Style USA

*Top has been discontinued so here is something similar*

High waisted jeans: PolkaDot Pineapple

Shoes: (not pictured): PolkaDot Pineapple 

Necklace & bracelets: Kristalize jelwery 

•the top actually hangs down lower on the sides but to make it adorable I just tucked them into my pants• 

••& I promise to start getting better at taking pictures of my outfits. I’m still new guys•• 

Monday, September 29, 2015

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