Fall Fashion Trends 2015

Todays Trends in Fashion and Makeup for (FALL) September 2015:



The biggest trend for fall of 2015 is what people are calling
Folklorica. This trend favors a 70’s vibe; with nothing but fringe, big chunky heels, flared mom jeans, and what would fall be without a badass red lip. This season you’ll also see nothing but big and small fur vests, the proportions are what matter this year and every pattern and color will be mix and matched, so that means throw on some strips with polkadots! (Lets not get crazy) But patterns and colors are acceptable. Another big thing this year is what people are calling “Winter White”. Yep that means the rule of “NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY” has been kicked to the curb! All white everything and that includes mixing off whites and eggshell whites together. Above are a couple outfits I found on Neman Marcus that are examples of Folklorica. All pictures above are priced over $500 EACH!!! So I promise to have a dupe of the trend soon.

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